Invention Maker 3D (Early Prototype)

NOTE: Currently, inventions you make are not saved after the browser is closed.

In Invention Maker 3D you can design, build, and control 3D inventions, machines, mechanisms, contraptions, vehicles, robots, or anything you want to invent!

Parts you can use to create your invention (so far): structural part, wheel, motor, hinge/axle, ball joint, slider, actuator. All parts can be translated, rotated, and re-sized in 3D.

Structural Part: Any Structural Parts you overlap in Design Mode will be welded together into assemblies in Test Mode. By overlapping Structural Parts in Design Mode you can build complex frames and custom rigid parts for your invention.

Joints (hinge/axle, motor, ball joint, slider, actuator): In Design Mode, overlap the joint part with two structural parts (or wheels or structural part assemblies). In Test Mode the two structural parts will be connected by the joint.

Select parts by clicking on them in Design Mode. You can drag a selected part around the design area.

Manipulate parts in Design Mode using Translation, Rotation, and Resize buttons on the right side of the screen. These buttons will affect the selected part. In Translation or Resize modes, drag the green or blue arrows to translate or resize the part. In Rotation mode, drag on the rotation sphere to rotate the part.

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